The Forest Villas
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The Forest Villas are a contemporary apartment complex with three, three-story buildings to accommodate 421 beds including Phase II*. Primarily made up of four-bedroom apartments, the units in the Forest Villas are one-third larger than those in the University Village Apartments. The addition of The Forest Villas provide a campus living option to those upper-class students who desire the highest quality and modern conveniences of apartment living.

Conveniently located on the southeast side of the FMU campus adjacent to Belle Isle, Snow Island and Ellen C. Watson Residence Halls, the Forest Villas have ample parking with convenient access to the housing office.

* The first phase of the Forest Villas opened August 2004. This apartment complex houses 237 residents in 57 four-bedroom two bathroom, three two-bedroom one bathroom and three one-bedroom one bathroom units. The second phase of the Forest Villas will open August 2007. This apartment complex houses 184 residents in 46 four-bedroom two bathroom units. Apartment residents share kitchen and living room space.

Furnishings and Amenities
Forest Villas Floor Plan
  • Large single bedrooms each have a full bed, 4-drawer chest, closet, study desk and chair.
  • Two full bathrooms in each four bedroom apartment.
  • Shared living area with entertainment center stand, upholstered sofa, chair, and end tables.
  • Shared dining area with dining table and chairs.
  • Fully equipped shared kitchen including stove, microwave, refrigerator with ice maker, dishwasher, and garbage disposal.
  • Telephone and local/campus access.
  • Access to the University computer network.
  • Basic cable television service.
  • Basic utilities included in lease.
  • one cable connection in each Forest Villas common area and each Forest Villas bedroom
  • one internet connection in each apartment bedroom
  • full-size beds, living room chair, entertainment stand, end tables
  • dishwasher and garbage disposal
  • basic utilities are included in the semester price.


While all full-time FMU Students are eligible to live in the Residence Hall Complexes, the Forest Villas are designed for our graduate and upperclass students. Assignments to The Forest Villas are made with priority order given to graduate students, seniors, juniors and sophomores.

Video Walkthroughs
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